PRIVACY STATEMENT IN COMPLIANCE WITH THE ITALIAN ACT 196/03, ART 13. (Regulation for the protection of personal data)

Any personal data collected through this website will be handled in accordance with the Italian Privacy Act strictly for the purposes of orders processing, services providing and other purposes outlined in this privacy statement. Personal information processing will follow the principles of fairness, legality, transparency and privacy protection.

Personal information processing includes the use of manual, IT and telematics means (also telefax, telephone, telephone with no assistance, e-mails, SMS and other IT systems and/or automatised communication systems) in the respect of security and privacy.

Personal data are processed by Immobiliare L. & M. Via D. Alighieri 30, 33081 AVIANO PN in compliance with the Italian Privacy Act 196/03, art. 13. For any questions, please contact

You may confirm the existence of your personal data within Immobiliare L. & M. even though the information is not yet registered and request that the data are made available to you in intelligible conditions.

You may request information on:

  • personal data origins;
  • purposes and means of data processing;
  • data processing procedure in the use of electronic systems;
  • the website owner, operators and relevant representatives in accordance with Article5, Paragraph 2;
  • the recipients or categories of recepients of your personal data who may access your personal information by executing their tasks as designated representatives in the Italian territory, operators or employees.

You may also:

  • update, amend or eventually integrate your data by request;
  • cancel, make anonymous, block any data used illegally, including data stored with no reason related to the pur pose for which they have been collected and eventually handled;
  • a proof that actions described in points a) and b) have been taken and that they have been acknowledge by the recipients to whom your personal data have been disclosed or transmitted, except in case the fulfilment of this action reveals to be not possibile or requires clearly excessive means compared to the right exerted.

You may entirely or partially oppose:

  • for legitimate reasons to the use of your personal information even though the data collection is pertinent;
  • to your personal data processing aimed at advertising, selling, polls or any commercial purposes.

For exerting your a.m. rights or ask further information on our privacy policy, please feel free to contact us by snail mail (see address above) or e-mail at

Refusal to supply mandatory data makes it impossible the processing of any orders. Refusal to supply non mandatory information has no consequences in orders processing.

Immobiliare L. & M. may process your data for the services requiring signup and for the purposes of sales and marketing to you also carried out by other operators. In these cases, data supplying is not compulsory and does not influence orders processing.


I hereby confirm having read the Privacy Statement and agree for Immobiliare L. & process my personal data for the following purposes:

  1.  completion, processing of any related action to my orders;
  2.  supplying of the services requiring signup (e.g. after-sales service, products update, etc.);
  3.  commercial purposes such as offers, promotions or other marketing campaigns launched by Immobiliare L. & M. or other operators;

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